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Realtors Advantage

Why realtors love working with us. The main reason why realtors are going to love working with us, compared to our competition, is a single point of contact. You’re going to deal with me during the entire process. That means ordering the appraisal, ordering title work, updates on the borrower’s loan. Whether that be approval or conditions. You’re also going to have me working on that loan all the way through the process, communicating with you. Versus where a lot of the bigger banks, you don’t get the communication, or you have to deal with multiple people that kind of come in on the transaction mid-way through or later through. They just don’t have all the knowledge of the transaction that we will have during the process.

Another main reason why realtors would love working with us is, we pre-approve our clients. That means that the client is pretty much bullet-proof. They’re going to get the loan. Also, while that client is looking for a home, we’re going to be giving them estimates based on an actual home that they’re interested in. We’re going to look up the taxes. We’re going to look up the home owner’s insurance. Were going to see if there’s any CVD fees on that property, and then we’re going to give them an accurate estimate of their payment and closing costs specific to that property before they ever even make an offer on that property. That way, the client is not surprised by, “Oh my goodness, there’s a CVD fee on this property,” or, “The association dues are high on this property,” and then back out at the last minute. All those items kind of make life easier for real-estate agents. That’s a few of the main reason why real-estate agents like to work with us. One of the other things, let me add this here at the end, is closing on time or early. Those are some of the main reasons.