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Dear Chris of Principal Home Mortgage,

I am writing this letter in appreciation for helping us become second time home buyers.

A lot has changed since we bought our first house 19 years ago. When we originally decided to move, we were a bit concerned about my income as a self employed borrower and my husband’s employment is also a bit unique and may throw some for a loop. We were told by another mortgage company that is what they specialized in and there was nothing to worry about. We went through the process, being assured the whole time everything was going according to plan. We were to close on a Monday; I received a phone call from our mortgage lender Friday at 5pm stating that we were not going to be able to close. That was pretty much all that was said. I must admit, that was a very disappointing experience and we really thought that was it and we were not going to be able to move.

Disheartened, I mentioned to my business partner in conversation what had happened. he recommended we talk to Chris at Principal Home Mortgage. He said Chris had helped his mother and if we really wanted to move, to talk to Chris and he would “shoot straight”. CHRIS DID! He told us realistically what we should be looking at, made sure of our paper work was in order and ready for underwriting. We happen to run into a short sale, which took quite some time from the seller side, but Chris was very patient ready to jump along with the rest of us when the short sale was finally approved and realistically we had about 3 days to pull everything together. We got it done! And thanks to Chris we are home owners again in a neighborhood we’ve wanted to be in for quite some time.

We highly recommend Chris at Principal Home Mortgage and will continue to recommend him to everyone we know.’

Our Deepest Appreciation,

Rob and Violet Deen

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